Salopian Spirit

“The complexity and diversity of the world is the hope for the future.”
Sir Michael Palin
Old Salopian

The Salopian Spirit is unique and stays with our pupils for life.

At Shrewsbury each pupil is treated as an individual and encouraged to become the best possible version of themselves.

There is no single type of Salopian, but they do share certain hallmark qualities. They are respectful and polite but meet life with an impish spirit. They value tradition but avoid pomposity. They express themselves as individuals, but act with community spirit.

Salopian Spirit is For Life

A Shrewsbury education encourages Salopians to be good with people; to show care and concern for others; to live with integrity; to know their own minds and to speak truth to power.

Salopians are encouraged to be omnivorous, rounded creatures who participate widely and willingly.

A Shrewsbury education is about the cultivation of interior virtues and character strengths. As the School’s motto urges:

Intus Si Recte, Ne Labora
'If all is right within, trouble not'

No human being is the complete and finished article. At Shrewsbury we develop Salopian virtues and character strengths through practice and reflection, striving to develop ‘habits of excellence’.

We actively encourage our pupils to develop a range of character strengths grouped around six core Salopian Virtues – The Salopian Way:

Human flourishing occurs when there is balance and purpose. Through the shared pursuit of these Salopian Virtues and Character Strengths, we aim to promote individual flourishing, within a vibrant and accepting community that champions ‘the survival of the kindest’.