Rich Legacy

Shrewsbury School was founded by King Edward VI in 1552 by Royal Charter and for over 472 years the school has a proud legacy as one of the ‘great’ public schools in England.

Shrewsbury School in the United Kingdom has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1552 by King Edward VI through a Royal Charter. It is one of the 'great' nine schools in England identified by the Clarendon Commission of 1861. For over 472 years, the school has maintained a proud legacy as one of England's prestigious public schools. Shrewsbury is regularly shortlisted in various award categories, including three TES Schools Awards 2023: Independent Senior School of the Year; Boarding School of the Year; and Excellence in Creative Arts, as well as in the Tatler Schools Awards 2024 for Best Public School. 

Across its illustrious existence spanning over four centuries, Shrewsbury School has produced a multitude of exceptionally talented individuals across a spectrum of fields. The alumni community comprises accomplished professionals, visionary leaders, creative artists, pioneering scientists, and erudite scholars, all of whom have left indelible marks in their respective domains. The diverse range of talents among Salopians underscores the school's unwavering commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in their chosen field.

Salopian Spirit is For Life