Global Footprint

Shrewsbury International School India joins the global family as the first boarding school outside the UK.

The establishment of the Shrewsbury India campus as the fifth school in the Shrewsbury global family marks an expansion of the brand's presence beyond the United Kingdom. While the previous four campuses in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Cambodia operate as day schools, the India campus will be the first boarding school outside the UK.

The aim of the India campus is to replicate the academic process and systems of its parent campus, ensuring consistency in educational standards and practices. By being part of the global Shrewsbury family, the India campus will have access to various opportunities that can stimulate and enrich the learning experience for both pupils and teaching staff, such as cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and enhanced learning experiences. The goal is to maintain consistency in academic standards while promoting a global outlook and fostering excellence in teaching and learning across all Shrewsbury campuses.