“If all is right within, trouble not” – Shrewsbury School’s motto is arguably even more relevant for 21st century teenagers than it has ever been.

Our pupils’ wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at Shrewsbury. We provide pupils with an environment where they can flourish and provides them with the confidence to reach their potential and often exceed their wildest expectations. 

  • Our Houses

    The House system is at the heart of Shrewsbury School. The House is a Salopian's centre of gravity, a real home from home, somewhere to relax and make friends, as well as work.  

  • Tutoring

    In addition to their Housemaster or Housemistress, each pupil has a personal tutor who is there to offer support and guidance or simply there for a chat.

  • Food and Nutrition

    Meals at Shrewsbury are taken in our purpose-built catering hall, Kingsland Hall ('KH'). Almost all of our food is cooked from scratch, using fresh ingredients and local suppliers.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    Wellbeing at Shrewsbury School is built on an active, fun and stimulating lifestyle. Everything in our pupils’ lives has a sense of meaning and purpose.  

  • Health Centre

    The Health Centre is staffed 24-hours a day providing advice and management of illness and injury as well as supporting long-term medical conditions.

The house system we have at the School is fundamental to our pupils well-being and creates a ‘home from home’ environment for the pupils.  Housemasters and housemistresses run the houses as extensions of their own families, and the thorough care of individuals is always their priority. 

Our tutoring system is also a fundamental part of our pastoral care. All pupils have a personal tutor who has particular responsibility for their welfare. The School also seeks to provide pupils with the skills and resilience to embrace life beyond Shrewsbury as they progress onto university and work.