A Shrewsbury education will educate and empower each individual pupil to flourish in life and contribute positively to the world around them.

Our Ethos

Shrewsbury School delivers whole-person education in a thriving and inclusive boarding and day school community that champions the individual.

We believe that the true purpose of education is the cultivation of inner virtues, life skills, and character strengths that equip our young people with the confidence and direction to pursue meaningful and successful lives.

Our distinctive model of whole-person education - Floreat - offers deep learning in a challenging yet kind environment.



Shrewsbury School delivers holistic education in a vibrant and inclusive community, nurturing individual growth. Our philosophy focuses on inner virtues and character strengths, preparing pupils for meaningful lives. At Shrewsbury International School India, we prioritise academic excellence with a love for learning, blending 'serious fun' in and beyond the classroom. Rooted in tradition, we embrace a global outlook, instil values like kindness, and adapt our education philosophy to meet evolving challenges. Join us in building a community of empowered individuals with a lifelong commitment to education.

Please click on the image below to view Shrewsbury: For Life our Ethos and Educational Philosophy flipbook.