Academic Infrastructure

Shrewsbury International School India is set to become one of the largest boarding schools in Central India, boasting a sprawling 150-acre campus.

The academic infrastructure at Shrewsbury India will be a standout feature of its teaching methodology. It will feature a dedicated 160,000 sq. ft centrally air-conditioned academic block, which will house classrooms, laboratories, workshops, and thoughtfully designed breakout spaces for collaborative learning.

The centrally air-conditionedclasses are designed as modern digital workspaces, providing students with opportunities to explore, collaborate, and engage in peer-based learning.. To maintain Individual focus each classroom will have 20 pupils at IGCSE level and 12 pupils at A Levels. This approach aims to create an optimal learning environment where pupils can thrive and receive individualised support.

Design and Technology is an integral part of the curriculum. A dedicated 5,000 sq.ft lab has been created with state of the art machinery which includes CNC, welding, 3D printers for hands on learning.

The school Library is an essential part of any learning institution. The India campus will have 10,000 sq. ft of dedicated library offering the best of books, journals, and electronic resources from across the world.