At Shrewsbury, we are passionate about the serious fun of learning. Academic life focuses on developing intellectually curious young adults who are able to think critically and creatively, have the confidence to question and to challenge and are equipped with the skills that they will need to thrive at all stages of life.

At Shrewsbury International School India, we will offer a wide-ranging and balanced curriculum that combines depth with choice, ensuring that every interest is catered for and our pupils undertake a common yet comprehensive curriculum, gaining formative experiences. As they progress through school, they choose the subjects that ignite the most passion within.

The school will follow the English National Curriculum, leading pupils to undertake Cambridge International IGCSE Examinations in Years 10 and 11. These examinations will qualify the pupils for entry into A Level courses, with final examinations scheduled at the end of Years 12 and 13.

Shrewsbury India will strive for excellence in all its academic courses, with the following expected to form the primary cornerstones of the curriculum:

  • Science and Mathematics will serve as core programs of study.
  • The school will be at the forefront of ICT educational initiatives, aiming to equip all pupils with computing skills for life.
  • An active co-curricular provision will be offered, encompassing a wide range of courses across sporting disciplines and the performing arts.
  • A Language Centre will provide a selection of European and Indian languages for pupils to choose from.
  • Hands-on labs will be available for subjects such as Design & Technology, Science, Astronomy, and more.

We understand that academic fulfilment is not confined to examination results, nor should it be exclusive to the brightest pupils. The school celebrates involvement in all areas of academic life, and academic passions are fostered both inside and outside the classroom through pupil-led academic societies, a comprehensive program of academic trips, and enriching activities in all areas of the school, such as the wide range of visiting lecturers we host or by achieving significant success in national academic competitions.

Academic faculties combine a traditional approach to academic rigor with innovative teaching techniques and disciplines. Faculties are empowered to operate independently, creating a diversity that is inclusive and motivates pupils and teachers to explore, create, and innovate.

Learning for life is at the heart of a Shrewsbury education, and, as well as developing as individuals, we encourage each pupil to share in and contribute to the flourishing of the school and the wider world.